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Hello World

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This is the personal blog of Andrew Mitchell. I created it so I can share my thoughts on various topics. I’m a programmer (mostly self-taught but I have a BCS from Wright State University as well), and so most posts here will either be about personal matters or programming related (though expect the occasional post to not fit into those constraints). I do write about other topics that interest me as well, namely on my Diving Into The Deep newsletter.

This blog is currently made using the Hugo static site generator, which I like because I can write my posts in Markdown and have them nicely and quickly go live without needing to manage a server (rather I use Cloudflare Pages, and in the future might publish my site to IPFS as well to allow distributed, decentralized access). I might experiment with other static site generators and themes in the future (I’m currently using Paper theme which is very nice).

I don’t want to write a full bio of who I am here, but I’ll summarize the big picture. I’m a computer programmer, just graduating from WSU at the end of April 2022. I’m interested in many things from computers/tech to space, history, business, and more. I expect to mainly use this blog to write about projects I’m working on, interesting things I’ve been thinking about, etc. Content will be short form (most posts will be 5 - 15 minute reads), and completely free with no ads (for long-form content that offers a paid membership check out my previously mentioned newsletter). I don’t currently have a comments system (not a huge fan of Disqus), but will consider adding one in the future. If you need to reach me, check out the contact section of my website or just send me a tweet.

P.S. I can write cool code snippets and have them automatically syntax-highlighted. Also if you haven’t noticed the sun/moon icon at the top lets you toggle between the light and dark theme.

console.log('Welcome to my blog!')

Welcome to my blog